Speech Therapy
At SCOPE Clinical our speech therapists specialize in creating and providing innovative receptive and expressive language therapy, speech treatment and pragmatic therapy services to people of all ages with social, speech, and/or language delays.

We focus on functional speech and languages skills in order: increase independent living skills, improve educational opportunities, return individuals to work, increase work skills and improve quality of life while living in the most independent setting possible. 

Treatment at SCOPE is designed to address social and language difficulties that are associated with receptive and expressive language delays, pragmatic language delays, social skill deficits, ADHD/ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorders ; parent/family training is an important part of all our programs.

Our Speech Language Pathologists are experienced in evaluating and treating various pediatric and adult disorders and delays, including but not limited to language delays, phonological processing disorders, oral motor dysfunction, Aphasia, autism spectrum disorders , Dysarthria, swallowing disorders, and fluency.

Language Disorders
Social Skills Disorders
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Where speech disorders are typically caused by some disjunction between one or multiple of the phyiscal processes of speech, language disorders are typically centered around learning or developmental delays or both.  These disorders are sometimes just part of the developmental process and will have a finite amount of therapy required to treat the disorder.  Other language disorders, regardless of when they manifested (at birth vs. after birth) will need intensive therapy and support to acquire the skills needed to cope with their disability and then later on a steady stream of therapy to maintain the skills and coping methods learned.